Hey, I’m ClouΒ [/kloo/].

“Not all those who wander are lost”- J.R.R Tolkien

Words are fascinating. They are both positive and negative, light and dark, cool and hot to the touch. They can inspire, change, motivate, help, heal, hurt or break. Words can (have and will) cause a lot of problems, but they have the power to fix those problems, too. I like finding collections of words that calm the soul and bring balance. Those words are some of the best to hold on to, and I find poetry is one of the most worthwhile ways of using words to make sense of my world.

Life isn’t easy for anyone. I suffer terribly from general anxiety disorder, which if you have suffered from yourself, or know a loved one who has, you will know all too well – It’s not fun. But some careful life decisions have started to make for a much happier Clou and writing and creativity has always played a huge part in keeping meΒ strong.

So read away, enjoy, comment, follow, like, leave feedback, do your thing.